This Is Not How I Pictured It

Life not how you pictured it? Whether it is your marriage, your job, your finances, city you live in, etc. life is not ever the picture perfect image you had for it. So what are we to do with the dripping paint on a once imagined masterpiece?

Reframe it. You cannot put a puzzle together when the pieces are in the wrong box. Life doesn’t work that way either.

God created the picture and knows how it will come together. He also knows where you are in the process. It is when we get stuck and can’t envision the next move that we must realize we are either trying to force pieces to fit together or we are working on a picture of our life that is just not what God intended.

We all have different gifts, and when it comes to a life in Christ, we must realize that sometimes we were not meant to be the Pastor. Maybe God has called us to the music team or welcoming committee.

I don’t claim to know what it is like to be a single parent or an abused spouse or an orphan, but, rest assures that God knows. He has already painted your picture in full and, through prayer and repentance, will show you how the puzzle comes together, including which piece to use next.

When you own an exquisite watch that has stopped working, you don’t take it to a car mechanic. The best place to take it would be the guy who made it. The same is true with your life. Take the broken pieces back to your creator.

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