I want it now!

*The following is based on the gospel of John 4:42-53*

I am impatient. That’s right, I don’t like to wait. How impatient do I get? When I order something using Amazon Prime, I practically go out and sit by the mailbox. If you are like me, your day can be ruined by getting the message “Your Oder has been delayed”.

I have a question for you? Regardless if you are like me or not, how do we handle God when it comes to impatience. Do we give up on praying when we see no change in our situation? Do we lose faith? Do we start to doubt that we are worthy of what we asked for? I mean, why not? When the disciples woke Him up during a storm on the sea, He got up and quieted the storm. What about us?

We are currently going through a world crisis. A pandemic of epic proportions. Don’t think for a second that God is not in control. He is. So why hasn’t He fixed it? That is an easy question to ask but impossible for me or any other human to answer. We don’t know the mind of God, however, we can grow through it.

Ever thought God is maybe calling his church to rise up while others are locking down? Now I DO NOT mean that you should go out and be around others, however, there are things you can do. Read more scripture, carefully check on your neighbors, watch a Worship Service online or even catch up with old friends.

Maybe God is calling me through this time to be more patient. For our patience proves our faith in God, shows Him we have faith, and, when this is over, His Church will be all the stronger.

It’s hard to hear, but, sometimes God heals people from their struggle by calling them home. Be comforted in knowing that this earthly journey is nothing but a blink of an eye to God’s timing. Eternity has no time. Forever is, well, forever. We will be reunited.

So be patient, grow stronger, learn more and never stop praying. God will answer but we must be patient. We must have faith and we must give Him control. After all, we often say “Thy will be done.” So let his will be done, on his timeframe.

Be blessed,

Father Jason Bowden

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