Bless this Food, but don’t forget the medicine

*Based on John 5.1-3, 5-16*

From a young age we are taught to pray before every meal. We are also taught to count our many blessings and to give thanks. What about medicine?

I am a Priest. Some are called to be doctors, but not me. Some are called to be nurses, again not me. Some are called to be scientists. You get the drift. So if it is right and good to give thanks for our food and the hands that prepared it, why not do the same with our medicine.

I personally take medication on a daily basis. It helps me function with less swelling and pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. A few months ago we were called to a new Church. Transferring our medications hit a small snag. I was out for a few days. I have taken the meds for quite awhile but had to miss a couple of days. Those days were dreadful and I am thankful that I now have it and all is well. That medicine is a gift from God. I give thanks for the doctors and scientists who created it. When I pick it up, I pray over it that it will continue to work.

Right now there is a desperate need for ventilators, masks and obviously frontline doctors and nurses. Pray for them. Pray that God will provide what is needed, worldwide. When you get your medicine, don’t forget to thank God and be sure to pray over your medicine and that God’s will be done.

Stay safe and God bless you all,

Father Jason Bowden

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