How A Tennis Ball Proves God Exists

Our 2 year old Labrador loves to chew. He also loves to play Tug-O-War with anything (But that’s a whole other story). Often times when resting, he will bring you what ever item of the moment that has caught his fancy and drop it on you. It’s his way of communicating he desire for you to grab it or throw it for him. His love, and destruction of Tennis Balls got me thinking about how his toy can prove the existence of God.

Pick up, or least envision, a Tennis Ball. I suppose you can do the same with any man made object. How did it get here? Sure you can say that you went to the store and purchased it, but what I mean is, How did it come to exist? If you are the scientific type who likes to figure everything out in great detail, you could most likely tell me, the molecular structure. What I want you to do is imagine everything that it takes to form a tennis ball. The coating, the stripes and even the air inside. They didn’t create themselves.

In order for a Tennis ball to exist, everything that it is made up of had to be created. Sure, we can generate air, but that’s still air. We don’t create it, we harness it. You see, everything you can think of, that is man made, is made up of things we as humans cannot create.

It takes a divine creator for that. It takes a creator that has been since the beginning, of everything. Two rocks banged together? Well who created the rocks?

Now, last order of business for today is one final question for you.

What are the seven man made things in Heaven?





The seven wounds of Jesus Christ.

God bless you

Father Jason Bowden

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