Drop The Dead Weight

Leave behind failure, regret and grudges.

Two Monks had taken a vow of silence. They decided, before hand of course, to take a walk through the woods during this time of silent reflection. Roughly two miles into their journey, they came upon a rather large stream. An elderly woman was standing at the stream’s edge. The Monks, upon reaching the aged lady, were greeted with the sweetest “Oh, hello boys. You’re just in time”. You see the woman needed to get across the stream in order to continue to where she was going. One of the two Monks asked her “May we carry you across?” She said “Yes” and both Monks extended their arms, took an elbow, and raised her above the water, carrying her across. The Monks continued on and when they hit the five mile mark of their journey, the Monk who did not speak to the lady exclaimed “You broke our vow of silence with that woman! How could you?” The other Monk looked back at the first and said “My Brother, we carried that woman 20 feet, you have carried her for 3 miles.”

Failure, regret, grudges and hate. These are all dead weight, not only to our lives in general, but also to our souls. Isn’t it a joyous thing to know that God does not carry a grudge with us? If that were the case, I might as well give up. I have given God an innumerable amount of reasons to give up on me, but I know He hasn’t.

So much hate and division rules society today. Isn’t it time we all set aside our petty quarreling for peace. I know we can’t change the hearts of everyone in the world, but we can make a difference in our own world. Be that change. Set down those petty grudges and try for reconciliation. Our God is a relational one. He loves good relationships. He loves you and He loves me. Praise be to God!

Besides, do you know what wrestling with Pigs does? They enjoy it and you get dirty.

God bless you

Father Jason Bowden

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