Come Out Of The Shadows

I recently read an article about Elephants. If they are born in captivity, they are often tied to spike or a tree with a small rope. If you were to see them full grown, massive and strong, they could still be tied up using the same size rope. Imagine, a massive, powerful animal such as an Elephant being able to be restrained by just a small, thin rope. Now, I don’t advocate such behavior towards God’s creatures, I’m merely using it as an example.

Human beings behavior is much the same. Often times we are metaphorically tied to our old habits, ways and life. My old friend Father Steven, God rest his soul, used to say “Old sins cast long shadows”. Below are a few suggestions that might help you come out of those shadows and into the light.

First, realize that if you have repented those sins, you are forgiven. So long as your repentance is whole hearted and you intend to not repeat them. If God, who created all things can forgive you, you should forgive yourself.

Second, realize that other people may hold a grudge. Even though you earnestly and honestly attempt to be reconciled and forgiven by them, they still may not let it go. Come to grips with the fact that they are human too and may not forgive you. God does.

Last but not least, take the rope off. You are no longer tethered by the restraints of your old life. God has given you a new life in Him. Be humble but remember, if you want God to open a door for you, let go of the door handle. Don’t, whatever you do, return to those soul crushing, sinful ways. You are now free from them.

God bless you,

Father Jason Bowden

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