Uncertainty is a stranger, God Is Not

Uncertainty. It can be a drag. For some, Uncertainty can be physically draining and even faith crushing. Worry creeps in and then you can begin to feel like a slave to it’s bondage. Your heart races, sweat pours from your brow, your stomach turns and your mind races. All of these things can add up to a day where you either want to stay in bed, under the covers, or you actually do just that. For believers in the risen Lord, you can start to doubt your faith. Worst of all, you can start to believe that even God himself doesn’t understand. My friend, I am here to tell you that your fear of the unknown has no power over our God that is known.

Let me start by saying that if you or someone you know is suffering from depression and or showing signs of other mental illness, please, by all means possible, seek the help of medical and mental health professionals. God has given different gifts to different people and those who are care givers specialize in treating these illnesses. Once a treatment plan is given, pray for the patient, the doctors and nurses to have the wisdom and the courage to treat these issues.

If you believe that God is sovereign, then you believe that He is in control. When our human condition takes over and starts to believe that our problems are merely our own, or that God doesn’t understand, we start to diminish His power and take away His sovereignty. He created Heaven and Earth and all that it contains. Who then, are we, to believe that He wouldn’t understand? Remember the whole baby in a manger? Yeah, He did that. He walked among us, got tired like us, cried like us. He knows you and He knows what you are going through.

In all things, know that God is in control. Know that He knows exactly what you are going through. He knows you cannot handle it on your own. That’s why He is available to us every second of the day. At work, in the car, in the shower and yes, when you are in bed at night struggling to find rest. He walked among us and yet still walks beside us. He created the universe and He created you. How could He not know you. Worship and prayer are not reserved for Sunday mornings. I believe they are on a bus ride, a telephone call to a brother or sister in Christ, at work, in the bathroom and yes, while lying in bed at night. Reach out. He’s closer to you than your own breath.

God bless you,

Father Jason Bowden

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