In Two Breaths, It All Changed

Jesus’ Two First Breaths.

There’s a first time for everything or so it seems. I would like you to consider, though, how Jesus took two first breaths and saved mankind. We know that Jesus did all kinds of things that we could never do. Water into Wine, walking on water and calming a storm come to mind. But I believe that none of those compare to taking his first breath, twice.

first, Jesus took his first first breath upon entering the world. Born to a virgin, Mary, God entered the world as his only begotten son. Destined to live among us, teach us the way, and die a brutal death for us. In order to do that, he took his first first breath. A baby. A humble, beautiful child.

The second first breath that changed it all for us was when he rose from the dead. His second first breath. That breath, like none other that had ever been or ever will be, destroyed death. Forever. The gift of eternal life began with that breath.

Think you have been suffering for what seems like forever? Seem like your life will never get better? Think God can’t fix the mess you’ve created? Oh my beautiful friend, he is not only closer to you than your own breath, he can change everything in one. Be fervent in prayer and faithful in expectation. Never give up hope as he can change it all in one breath.

God bless you

Father Jason Bowden

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