Come Together, Right Now…

In the second chapter of Acts, we see the birth of the Church. Peter boldly preaches the first Church sermon, and 3000 are brought into the faith. What was so attractive about the early Church? Maybe it was the Holy Spirit acting upon everyone, or, was it the fact that they were like minded and together?

I would be remiss if I did not mention my old joke: where in the Bible is a car mentioned? Acts chapter 2 because the Apostles were “All in one Accord”. Wait, don’t go. At the heart of the joke is the fact that they were all in one accord. Like minded and focused on the mission at hand; to baptize to the ends of the earth.

When a Church is not all in one accord, when it’s focus shifts to politics or money, it is not only unattractive to people, it can be downright void of the Spirit.

Believers don’t always agree on many finite details of the faith, however, what it must be in agreement on is that it is meant for and stands for defending the faith, worshipping the one true God, feeding the hungry, caring for the widowed, raising up faithful children and visiting those in prison.

When all who are hungry have food, all the naked are clothed and the homeless have shelter, then we can sit around a table and argue about religion.

God bless you

Father Jason Bowden

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